Consultancy: Broad-Spectrum Research and Statistics

Good research is not just its own reward; it is necessary for getting things done.

As a consultant, I bring high quality social science methods and analysis to private sector clients.

I have 10 + years of experience conducting social science research: I specialize in survey design, experiments, statistical analysis, and applying psychology. With these tools at hand, I develop targetted research programs that address specific client needs. For applications to marketing click here.

Some firms use boilerplate approaches or even oversell the value of their data. Me, I follow the philosophy of “fit for purpose.” How can we get you the information that you actually need? Just as important: How can I help you to understand the data that we’ve collected so that it can inform your future decisions?


Saperstein Associates

Learner verification study for Big Ideas textbook; Grove City Community Survey analysis; Analysis of how oral health professionals advertising as specialists are perceived by the public.

Hudson Hemp’s Treaty CBD Line

Product efficacy and evaluation study.

Good Pharma

Branding study survey design; product efficacy study.

For more about my philosophy of Marketing for the Public Good, click here.